Cargo delivery from Estonia to Russia

Cargo delivery from Estonia to Russia

General terms of delivery from Estonia to Russia

  1. You can get your cargo from Estonia to Russia only for 5 days.
  2. It’s possible to deliver your shipment faster than 5 days by separate car (either by minibus or by truck).
  3. Your Estonian shipper can send the cargo to our warehouse in Finland by himself, then we deliver your cargo from Finland to Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Additional features

  1. Further cargo delivery from Saint-Petersburg to other regions of Russia is possible by all kinds of transport: auto, railway, air.
  2. Long term storage in St. Petersburg is available at our warehouse in Saint-Petersburg.

*DDP delivery is available and includes:

  1. We can receive the roubles from your Customer in Russia and transfer USD/EUR to you.
  2. Door-to-door delivery
  3. Customs clearance (export/import)
  4. Finally you provide the DDP service to your russian Client.
  5. And your russian Client gets your product like he could buy it in Russia.

What we need from you

We would be grateful to get the following info from you: cost of your cargo, ship from/to, dimensions, weight and description.

The price for 5 days

from Estonia to Russia (trucks)
from 5€ per kg Minimal price of delivery is 400€
  • Shipping by truck for small cargoes (for ex. 500kg) will cost from 5€/kg. It depends on what cargo. Minimal price for air delivery is 400€. 
  • Price include all the customs procedures, taxes.
  • Exact price can be given to you shortly if you fill in the simple form.

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Groupage Cargoes from Estonia to Russia

Goods from Estonia

Being one of the closest neighbors of the Russian Federation, Estonia is one of the countries engaged in regular export of various goods to the territory of our country.

In recent years, trucking from Estonia to Russia acquired a number of unique features, one of which — the tendency to reduce the volume of goods transported by individual parties.

To explain this phenomenon is easy enough: modern trading companies more profitable option is to frequent reception of small consignments of goods than a rare welcome large wholesale, since the content of large areas for storage is not available to all entrepreneurs.

In addition, this approach allows for transport companies working with goods from Estonia, largely to diversify its product range. If we take into account all the above mentioned, it is clear why the delivery of cargoes from Estonia is a very popular service among the customers of our company.

How deliver loads from Estonia

The convenient geographical location of Estonia concerning our country offers great opportunities for freight transport.

Delivery of cargoes from Estonia to Russia may be carried by road, rail, air, sea and ferry transportation.

Experts 2CUBES pick all loads in the national team so that they have common requirements for transportation, allowing delivery of cargoes into account the interests of each of our clients.

Mediator delivery from Estonia

Estonia is a member of the European Union, which also affects the characteristics of cargo, in particular — on the clearance of goods at the state border.

Logistics experts have extensive experience 2CUBES transportation of goods from member countries of the European Union, are familiar with all the peculiarities of cargo in the Schengen area and know all the details of customs clearance at the border, which enables us to transport goods from Estonia to Russia without undue delay, efficiently, safely and always on time.