Questions and Answers

The most common questions about cargo delivery

How can you sell the cargo to Russia?

We can make the money transfer from Russia to you easy:

  1. You should give us the information about your Russian partner(Customer).
  2. We receive Russian Roubles from you customer convert into euro or dollars and transfer to you. This service is convenient for your Russian Customer because of no problems with Russian customs.
  3. We delivery the cargo to Russia from you and make customs clearance.
  4. We need invoice and packing list from you.

What information do we need from you to calculate the price of delivery?

  1. Pick up place (country and city)
  2. Loading place (country and city)
  3. Cargo name
  4. Quantity of places
  5. Cargo dimensions
  6. Gross weight of each place
  7. Invoice price

What information do we need from you to calculate the customs clearance and full DDP service?

  1. Name and description of the cargo
  2. Invoice price
  3. Gross and nett weight of the cargo
  4. Photo if you have it

Can we only deliver the cargo to Russia without customs clearance?

Yes, we can. But anyway we should be in touch with your customer in Russia, because of some features with docs.

How much is the only consultation of 2CUBES?

All consultations are free for our customers. We will help You to make efficient logistics scheme, taking into consideration all possible costs for transport, customs clearance, warehousing etc.

From what countries can we ship the cargo?

We don’t limit ourselves with the countries we can work, but be sure we have the good experience with such countries as: USA, Europe (Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, France, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Norway and many other countries), Turkey, Israel, India, Pakistan.

But first of all, we work with the USA and European countries because for today we have the main delivery channel and the most competitive offers for our Clients.

What cargoes do we work with?

  1.  machine tools, industrial equipment, spare parts
  2. car parts and accessories
  3. construction equipment
  4. chemicals (including hazardous)
  5. plumbing
  6. toys
  7. furniture
  8. consumer electronics
  9. accessories
  10. clothing (including sports clothing)
  11. etc.