Cargo delivery from Europe to Russia

Cargo delivery from Europe to Russia

General terms of delivery from Europe to Russia

Delivery of cargoes from Europe to Russia the following areas:

  1. Netherlands, Belgium, 10 days
  2. Italy 14 days
  3. France 14 days
  4. Spain, Portugal and 14 days
  5. Britain 14 days
  6. Austria 10 days


  1. We pick up the cargo during one or two days depending on the location of the shipper’s warehouse in Germany. DPD service from Germany (our warehouse is in Hamburg) to Saint-Petersburg (to the customer’s door) is for 7 days.
  2. By individual agreement to more quickly delivery options.

Additional features:

  1. Further cargo delivery from Saint-Petersburg to other regions of Russia is possible by all kinds of transport: auto, railway, air.
  2. Long term storage in St. Petersburg is available.

*DDP delivery is available and includes:

  1. We can receive the roubles from your Customer in Russia and transfer USD/EUR to you.
  2. Door-to-door delivery
  3. Customs clearance (export/import)
  4. Finally you provide the DDP service to your russian Client. And your russian Client gets your product like he could buy it in Russia.

What we need from you

We would be grateful to get the following info from you: cost of your cargo, ship from/to, dimensions, weight and description.

The price

from 6€ per kg The minimum cost of air delivery is 500€
  1. The price of cargo delivery up to 1000 kg from 5 € per kg depending on the cargo, its weight, dimension and cost.
  2. Minimal delivery price is 500 Euro.
  3. The exact price can be given to you shortly if you fill in the simple form.

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Goods from Europe

Modern Europe is one of the largest centers of production and world leaders in the industry. According to these parameters the European Union, despite the economic problems of individual countries, competes with such recognized giants of production, such as China and the United States.

Transportation of cargoes from Europe to Russia — a great way to develop production and trade, which is why delivery of goods from Europe is one of the priorities of Logistics 2cub.

The volume of goods exported to Russia from Europe is enormous. Among the most popular products — products of fuel and energy complex, food, machinery, automobiles and automotive products, equipment, clothing, medicine, etc.

Moving from Europe, as a rule, does not present particular difficulties because the transport infrastructure in the European Union is well developed, but some difficulties customs clearance has not been canceled.

Specialists 2cub thoroughly know not only the customs legislation of the European Union, but also features cargo inside Exporting Countries, which allows our Logistics smoothly, so — in a timely manner to carry out the transported goods through customs.

Delivery of goods from Europe can be carried out a variety of modes of transport. Employees 2cub selected mode of transport for each individual load, taking into account its individual characteristics, financial capacity of the client, as well as his wishes regarding the timing of delivery.

The most popular method of transportation of goods from Europe to Russia is the vehicle — this is due to the high quality of European roads, as well as a relatively small remoteness of the European Union from the Russian Federation.

The most cost-effective, however, the longest shipping method is the carriage of goods from Europe by means of maritime transport.

Most often, this method is used, if necessary, delivery of goods from countries with major seaports, such as Finland, UK, Netherlands, Germany. For transportation of large consignments expedient use of rail transport, and increased speed of delivery can be achieved by the airline.