Shipping from Russia

Export services in Russia:


We make full logistics from your supplier to your country. Any terms: EXW/FOB/FCA Russia, CFR/CIF «Your Country» etc.

We can ship by truck, by sea, by air and by railroad.

Export services (Customs)

We can do export declaration for your supplier. We can also become an exporter by ourselves if they cannot.

Money transfers

We organize the money transactions between you and your russian suppliers that cannot work with export clients (like your company?).

Survey services

Our specialists can go to the factory/office and make sure that the supplier exists, has all the registration documents and check if they have all the required goods in stock. We can provide you survey service while loading the truck/container and make pictures of the shipment and send you acts with the description of the goods.


We can store any cargoes in Russia for a day, week, month… Open and closed warehouses.

Search of suppliers

We help with searching of suppliers in Russia

Any questions?

Please dont hesitate to ask us! We speak english! Contact us in any way you prefer:

WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram: +7 (981) 997-19-36


Who we are?

In general 2CUBES is a logistics operator that links russian companies with foreign companies. We are your agent in Russia solving hard situations.

We started in 2010 and still growing with our clients helping them to do a business. We work with any cargoes: from 1kg commercial samples to owersized and high weight cargoes.