Cargo delivery from Israel to Russia

Cargo delivery from Israel to Russia

Terms of delivery from Israel

  1. The speed of delivery of cargoes from Israel to Russia: (any city) — St. Petersburg (to the door of the recipient) 14 days turnkey (ie with customs clearance).
  2. From Saint-Petersburg delivery can be made in any region of Russia.
  3. Dispatch from Germany on Tuesdays and Saturdays (ferries).
  4. We work with cargo from 1 box.
  5. Any commercial goods: equipment, spare parts, tools, chemicals and so on including dangerous goods (chemicals, specialty materials) are accepted for carriage

Additional features

  1. We can offer you further delivery your cargo from St. Petersburg to Russia’s regions by all kinds of transport: car, train, plane.
  2. Long-term, short-term storage of your goods at our warehouse in St. Petersburg.

On turnkey basis we can offer:

  1. payment on our behalf to your Israeli supplier
  2. delivery
  3. ustoms clearance on our contract
  4. delivery to the door of your warehouse in St. Petersburg (or to terminals of any forwarding companies)
  5. you receive goods, cleared for import, in rubles at the invoice and delivery note

What we need from you

From you we need to get information about how much your goods costs, how and where it should be delivered, sample dimensions, description, supplier`s contacts.

The price

from 5€ per kg The minimum cost of air delivery is 400€
  • The price of cargo delivery up to 1000 kg from 5€ per kg depending on the cargo, its weight, dimension and cost.
  • Minimal delivery price is 400 Euro.
  • The exact price can be given to you shortly if you fill in the simple form.

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Grouped goods from Israel

Goods from Israel

Modern Israel is a major supplier of a variety of goods into the territory of the Russian Federation.

Very popular among our countrymen are agricultural products (fruits, vegetables, flowers), textiles and clothing, cosmetics, ceramics, construction equipment, household appliances and electronics, auto parts and accessories.

The high quality of Israeli goods, coupled with their very attractive price — the main reason why the delivery of goods from Israel is an important activity Logistics 2Cubes.

How to deliver loads from Israel

The most popular among our customers enjoy delivery of cargoes from Israel to Russia — a service that allows you to cost-effectively transporting even small consignments.

International transport of goods can be carried out by different types of transport. Delivery of cargoes from Israel air transport — the most mobile way to significantly reduce the time of transport. Perhaps the only drawback of this option is the high cost of shipping by air.

Maritime transport, in contrast, is the most economical, but shipping cargo from Israel to Russia by sea takes quite a long time, so this option is absolutely not suitable for transportation of perishable goods.

The best option that combines high-speed transport with an acceptable cost, is the delivery of cargo from Israel to Russia by road. However, this method, like all others, has its own nuances. Car delivery of goods from Israel to Russia involves crossing a cargo on its way to follow a few state borders. Given this fact, the delivery of goods from Israel to trust only qualified personnel who are familiar with all the subtleties of customs control.

Mediator delivery to Russia

Logistics experts 2KUBA have rich experience of international transportation of goods, know all the nuances of proper registration of accompanying documents.

The professionalism of our staff, cooperation with reliable partners in Israel, the presence of well-developed routes, as well as the use of reliable and modern vehicles allow our logistics company to deliver cargoes from Israel always exactly on time.