Cargo delivery from Sweden to Russia

Cargo delivery from Sweden to Russia

General terms of delivery from Sweden to Russia

  1. You can get your cargo from Sweden to Russia only for 7 days.
  2. It’s possible to deliver your shipment faster than 7 days by separate car (either by minibus or by truck).
  3. Your Swedish shipper can send the cargo to our warehouse in Finland by himself, then we deliver your cargo from Finland to Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Additional features

  1. We can offer you further delivery your cargo from St. Petersburg to Russia’s regions by all kinds of transport: car, train, plane.
  2. Long term storage in St. Petersburg is available at our warehouse in Saint-Petersburg.

On turnkey basis we can offer:

  1. We can receive the roubles from your Customer in Russia and transfer USD/EUR to you.
  2. Door-to-door delivery
  3. customs clearance on our contract
  4. delivery to the door of your warehouse in St. Petersburg (or to terminals of any forwarding companies)
  5. Finally you provide the DDP service to your russian Client. And your russian Client gets your product like he could buy it in Russia.

What we need from you

We would be grateful to get the following info from you: cost of your cargo, ship from/to, dimensions, weight and description.

The price

of delivery goods from Sweden
from 5€ per kg Minimal delivery price is 400 Euro
  • The price of cargo delivery starts from 5 € per kg for usual groupage cargoes.
  • Minimal delivery price of delivery from Sweden to Saint-Petersburg is 400 Euro.
  • The exact price can be given to you shortly if you fill in the simple form.

Do you have any questions about cargo delivery from Sweden?

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The additional information about the cargo delivery from Sweden

Why 2 Cubes company?

Cooperation with reliable partners in Sweden and Finland is our guarantee of loading the goods on time, proper customs clearance in other country and also a good price of our service for the Client.

Our experience of shipping is totally different groups of goods helps us to grasp in the commodity nomenclature.

A well-organized system based on years of experience in logistics, allows our company to deliver the groupage cargoes from Sweden effectively.

How we deliver the goupage cargoes from Sweden to Russia

Transportation of goods from Sweden to Russian Federation have a number of positive features, among which is a very good system of high-speed motorways and roads of Sweden and Finland that allows you to organize easily the delivery of goods with the most popular way today which is auto. Well-developed ferry service also provides convenient delivery of goods from Sweden to Finland, and then to Russia

However, depending the client’s preference, his financial capability and characteristics of the transported goods. Delivery of goods from Sweden to Russia can be done by sea, rail and air transport.

The widespread delivery is a separate minibus, it is often even faster than the plane.

As in every case of transportation of goods from the other countries, for the timely and reliable delivery of goods from Sweden to Russia it is important not only choose the right form of transport but also to arrange properly all necessary customs documents.

2-cubes specialists know all the details of passing customs control, which allows us to deliver the goods to the customer in most cases in time without delays at customs posts. Reliable partners in Finland help us make a quick export clearance, which is Important primarily for Your supplier in Sweden.

Something about industrial Sweden

Modern Sweden is a country with export-oriented fast-growing market economy. Powerful industrial opportunities in conjunction with the constant stimulation of production processes and trade, every year make Sweden more and more interesting country from the standpoint of market relations.

Delivery from Sweden to Russia is a very popular service. Russian Federation residences purchase from Sweden the great variety of high quality goods, it is therefore not surprising that the delivery of goods from Sweden to Russia is one of the priority activities of the logistics company 2-cubes.