Cargo delivery from Croatia to Russia

Cargo delivery from Croatia to Russia

General terms of delivery from Croatia to Russia

  1. You can get your cargo from Croatia to Russia only for 14 days.
  2. It’s possible to deliver your shipment faster than 14 days by separate car (either by minibus or by truck).
  3. Your Croatian shipper can send the cargo to our warehouse in Finland by himself, then we deliver your cargo from Finland to Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Additional features:

  1. Further cargo delivery from Saint-Petersburg to other regions of Russia is possible by all kinds of transport: auto, railway, air.
  2. Long term storage in St. Petersburg is available at our warehouse in Saint-Petersburg.

*DDP delivery is available and includes:

  1. We can receive the roubles from your Customer in Russia and transfer USD/EUR to you.
  2. Door-to-door delivery
  3. Customs clearance (export/import)
  4. Finally you provide the DDP service to your russian Client. And your russian Client gets your product like he could buy it in Russia.

What we need from you

We would be grateful to get the following info from you: cost of your cargo, ship from/to, dimensions, weight and description.

The price

from 5€ per kg Minimal delivery price is 400 Euro
  • The price of cargo delivery starts from 5 € per kg for usual groupage cargoes.
  • Minimal delivery price is 400 Euro.
  • The exact price can be given to you shortlyif you fill in the simple form.

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Groupage cargoes from Croatia

Goods from Croatia

Modern Croatia is a reliable partner of the Russian Federation in the trade and economic sphere.

Located in the heart of Europe, Croatia is not only one of the main points of transit of goods from Asia, Europe and America, but also an important supplier to Russia of a number of high-quality goods.

The basis of freight from Croatia to Russia account for automobiles, non-ferrous metals, footwear, textiles and various equipment. In addition, very popular among our compatriots enjoy the Croatian furniture manufacture, as well as home furnishings.

Most of the goods delivered to Russia from Croatia has a small size, which is why today is especially popular such service as delivery of cargoes from Croatia.

How to deliver loads from Croatia?

The quantity and quality of cargo the Republic of Croatia is not inferior to the largest European countries. Delivery of cargo from Serbia to Russia can be carried out by air, sea or road. Transportation by rail is quite difficult, because the size of railway track in Croatia in line with European standards, different from those of the Russian Federation.

The most cost-effective, but wasteful of time, transportation of cargoes by sea vessels. Delivery of aircraft, on the contrary, can significantly save time on transportation, however, air transport is the most expensive.

The most common loads from Croatia delivered to Russia by road, the use of which provides the right mix of quality, speed and cost of transportation. Type of vehicle for each individual load is selected by our experts, taking into account its individual characteristics; all goods in the national team have the same requirements for transportation, thus ensuring their complete safety during the delivery.

Mediator Delivery

Cooperation with reliable partners in Croatia, the high professionalism of our employees, experience the transportation of goods in different directions and the use of optimal logistic schemes allow us to deliver cargo from Serbia to Russia efficiently, safely and always accurate within a specified time.

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