Cargo delivery from Pakistan to Russia

Cargo delivery from Pakistan to Russia

Terms of delivery from Pakistan

Fast delivery from Pakistan (by air)

Delivery of groupage cargoes from Pakistan to Russia in 14 days. Shipping is done by air plane to Helsinki. Further truck to St. Petersburg (either to 2cubes warehouse or shipping to Russian regions).

Inexpensive cargo delivery from Pakistan (by sea)

Sea transportation and custom clearance of goods takes about 30-40 days from Pakistan to Russia. Marine transport is carried out in a container from the port of Karachi to port of St Petersburg.

  1. Collection of goods from your supplier takes approximately 1-2 days more, depending on location in Pakistan.
  2. We work with loads from 1 box.
  3. Any commercial goods: equipment, spare parts, chemicals, textiles, garments and so on including dangerous goods (chemicals, specialty materials) are accepted for carriage.

Additional features

  1. We can offer you further delivery your cargo from St. Petersburg to Russia’s regions by all kinds of transport: car, train, plane.
  2. Long-term, short-term storage of your goods at our warehouse in St. Petersburg.

Within the service «door-to-door» we offer:

  1. payment on our behalf to your Pakistan supplier
  2. delivery
  3. customs clearance on our contract
  4. delivery to the door of your warehouse in St. Petersburg (or to terminals of any forwarding companies)
  5. you receive goods, cleared for import, in rubles at the invoice and delivery note

What we need from you

From you we need to get information about how much your goods costs, how and where it should be delivered, sample dimensions, description, supplier`s contacts.

The cost

Delivery from Pakistan to Russia
From 15$ per kg The minimum cost of air delivery is USD 900
  1. The cost of air transportation for small cargo (up to 500 kg) ranges from $ 15 per kg, depending on the nature of the cargo. (customs clearance included)
  2. The cost will be much lower for larger parties. For example a container with clothes can cost up to $ 2 per kg.
  3. The minimum cost of air delivery is USD 900
  4. The exact cost of delivery of your cargo may be obtained by sending a request.

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Pakistan and 2Cubes

Historically, we ship especially clothing, textiles and sports equipment (Sialkot) from Pakistan. We can also provide money transfer services to supplier in Pakistan — conclude a contract on our behalf and import goods to Russia. Shipping is done either by sea or by air.

Cooperation with reliable partners in Pakistan allows us to make shipments in time, which makes it possible to organize the delivery strictly on schedule — no force majeure and «special circumstances.» Our specialists very thoroughly working the route it can save not only transportation time, but also reduce the financial costs for your customers.

The representative in Pakistan

Pakistan today is an important supplier to Russia goods such as textiles and food. Delivery of goods from Pakistan to Russia is becoming more urgent with each passing day, however, not every logistics company can arrange high-quality delivery in this direction.

Customs clearance of goods is the most laborious process in international transportation associated with the preparation of a large number of permits and other docs. 2Cubes company provides its customers a comprehensive freight services from Pakistan, which includes not only the transportation of cargo but also complete legal support, including customs clearance.

Throughout the route, including all handling and storage, the cargo is under the close supervision of our staff, controlling its condition and quantity according to documents. This approach allows our customers to be 100% confident in the safety of goods in transit.