Cargo delivery from Italy to Russia

Cargo delivery from Italy to Russia

Terms of delivery from Italy

  1. The speed of delivery of cargoes from Italy to Russia: (any city) — St. Petersburg (to the door of the recipient) 14 days turnkey (ie with customs clearance).
  2. From Saint-Petersburg delivery can be made in any region of Russia.
  3. Dispatch from Germany on Tuesdays and Saturdays (ferries).
  4. We work with cargo from 1 box.
  5. Any commercial goods: equipment, spare parts, tools, chemicals and so on including dangerous goods (chemicals, specialty materials) are accepted for carriage

Additional features

  1. We can offer you further delivery your cargo from St. Petersburg to Russia’s regions by all kinds of transport: car, train, plane.
  2. Long-term, short-term storage of your goods at our warehouse in St. Petersburg.

On turnkey basis we can offer:

  1. payment on our behalf to your Italian supplier
  2. delivery
  3. ustoms clearance on our contract
  4. delivery to the door of your warehouse in St. Petersburg (or to terminals of any forwarding companies)
  5. you receive goods, cleared for import, in rubles at the invoice and delivery note

What we need from you

From you we need to get information about how much your goods costs, how and where it should be delivered, sample dimensions, description, supplier`s contacts.

The price

from 6€ per kg The minimum cost of air delivery is 500€
  1. The price of cargo delivery up to 1000 kg from 5 € per kg depending on the cargo, its weight, dimension and cost.
  2. Minimal delivery price is 500 Euro.
  3. The exact price can be given to you shortly if you fill in the simple form.

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Additional information about the delivery of cargoes from Italy

Our experience in the delivery of goods from Italy

We will not be mistaken if we say that the Company 2cub started with small cargo delivery from Italy (the second most important trend in the period of our formation Delivering from the US). Therefore Italy for us is a not just another country from which we carry loads, and, perhaps, one of the key areas!

From Italy we regularly deliver spare parts for the metallurgical industry, oil and gas, wood, spare parts for agricultural, construction equipment, auto parts.

In addition, we have several Italian companies in the list of our clients which we provide services under the clear for the Europeans called «delivery DDP» / And we are very proud of!

Which products from Italy and bringing to Russia

Delivery of goods from Italy to Russia is a huge range of products. This food and products of light industry and textile products, and products for children, and plumbing and much more.

In almost every area of ​​modern market of our country there will certainly Italian products, ever increasing demand for our compatriots that easily explains the extremely high quality goods from Italy.

However, before you go on sale in Russia, these goods must be somehow brought from Italy, which is why trucking from Italy to Russia today is a very popular service.

Italy and Russia

Continuous development and strengthening trade relations between Russia and Italy has a beneficial effect on the economy and standard of living in both countries. Many major Italian companies operating in different areas of production and trade, now have their offices in the country, which is one of the driving forces behind the annual improvement of conditions of building trade cooperation between Italy and Russia, as well as — organization of stable traffic.

Due to a high demand for transportation of goods from Italy to Russia, the number of companies offering their services in this area, has been steadily growing. However, if you deliver the goods from point A to point B, as a rule, can most of them, the delivery of cargoes and efficient customs clearance of such goods has been doing not every forwarding company.

Customs clearance (Customs clearance) cargoes from Italy

The correct customs clearance — a time consuming and extremely important process, the implementation of which is impossible without taking into account all existing subtleties and regularly producing changes in the customs legislation. Employees 2cub well aware that the slightest mistake in the goods-supporting documentation may result in not only the delay of goods at the customs, and imposing a fine on the importer.

That is why the processing of customs documents of our company involved exclusively specialists, which allows our customers cargo customs barriers to overcome as soon as possible.