Cargo delivery from South Korea to Russia

Cargo delivery from Korea to Russia

Terms of delivery from South Korea

Fast cargo shipping from South Korea to Russia (air). Today, we can offer you delivery of cargoes from South Korea in 14 days (delivery period can be more for dangerous goods). Air shipment can be made of the closest airports to your supplier (Cheongju, Daegu, Busan/Gimhae, Seoul/Gimpo, etc.).

Inexpensive cargo delivery from South Korea (by sea): Sea transportation and custom clearance of goods takes about 45 days from most popular South Korea sea ports n to Russia.

*delivery time is given to Saint-Petersburg. We can offer you further delivery your cargo from St. Petersburg to Russia’s regions by all kinds of transport: car, train, plane.

Additional features

  1. Your shipper can send goods to our warehouse.
  2. We can offer you further delivery your cargo from St. Petersburg to Russia’s regions by all kinds of transport: car, train, plane.
  3. Long-term, short-term storage of your goods at our warehouse in St. Petersburg.

On turnkey basis we can offer:

  1. payment on our behalf to your Indonesian supplier
  2. door-to-door delivery
  3. customs clearance on our contract
  4. delivery to the door of your warehouse in St. Petersburg (or to terminals of any forwarding companies)
  5. you receive goods, cleared for import, in rubles at the invoice and delivery note

What we need from you

From you we need to get information about how much your goods costs, how and where it should be delivered, sample dimensions, description, supplier`s contacts.

The price

from 10$ per kg The minimum cost of air delivery is USD 900
  1. The cost of air transportation for small cargo (up to 500 kg) ranges from $ 10 per kg, depending on the nature of the cargo (customs clearance included). The cost will be much lower for larger parties. The minimum cost of air delivery is USD 900.
  2. Marine shipment in container can start from 1 to 1.5 USD per kgs.
  3. The exact cost of delivery of your cargo may be obtained by sending a request.

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Groupage Cargoes from South Korea

Goods from South Korea

Modern South Korea occupying 12th place in the ranking of the most developed countries, has been actively involved in the development of the world economy. Endowed with rich natural resources and has a wonderful well-oiled production, Korea is a major supplier of various commodities all over the world, including in Russia.

The main volume of goods transported from South Korea to Russia, account for automobiles and auto parts, household appliances and computers, electronics, agricultural and special equipment, food, clothing and shoes.

The low value of the goods in combination with their quality make the products from Korea attractive to small businesses, acquiring Korean goods in small quantities. That is why very popular among the many existing methods of international delivery of our customers enjoys shipping cargoes from Korea to Russia.

What we do not accept for carriage

  • Narcotic and psychotropic substances
  • Animals and plants
  • Cultural Property (can be solved solved individually)
  • Jewelery, precious metals
  • Alcohol, tobacco
  • Weapon, its parts, models, devices for military purposes (eg night vision devices)

From which city do we deliver:

  • Seoul
  • Busan
  • Incheon
  • Daegu,
  • Daejeon,
  • Gwangju,
  • Ulsan,
  • Suwon,
  • Changwon,
  • Seongnam,
  • and many others.

Delivery of cargoes from Korea to Russia can be organized by different modes of transport, however, the land connection with the Eurasian continent is complicated by the unstable political relations between the neighboring countries.

That is why most goods from Korea to Russia delivered by sea or by air.

Choosing the most suitable method of transportation depends on many factors, among them — the individual characteristics of the goods that make up the cargo, as well as the wishes of the customer relative to the speed of delivery.

Mediator Delivery from Korea

Delivery of cargoes from Korea to Russia by sea — the most popular now a way for you to deliver cargoes with maximum savings of the customer.

However, this option has a negative, as the low speed of delivery. The maximum speed of delivery enables the use of aircraft, but also the cost of transporting it increases significantly.

To achieve the optimum ratio of the speed and cost of delivery allows the use of the combined method of delivery of cargoes from Korea to Russia, involves the use of multiple modes of transport.

Where to begin?

Just send us your contact supplier and we ask him the right questions on your behalf. Then you will simply need to confirm their readiness to pay the agreed price in rubles and we get your cargo from Korea to the desired position in Russia.

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